Sake Rok at The Park by Steve


SAKE ROK is Located in The Park in front of the new T-Mobile Arena on Las Vegas Blvd between Monte Carlo and New York – New York

The more than 13,000-square-foot location has a mezzanine that overlooks the first floor bar, dining room and sushi bar for a combined 200 seats. The top floor consists of an event space, called Sakura Terrace, which seats 150 comfortably and opens up to a 1,300-square-foot balcony that overlooks The Park, Arena and Las Vegas Strip. This theatrical hotspot – open for lunch, dinner and a late-night bar/lounge – thrills guests with more than just its array of delicious sushi, Japanese cuisine and private sake label. Sake Rok welcomes ninjas young and old!

Wait! ANOTHER sake bomb?!! Okay…twist my arm! Here we go! “SAKE ROK! SAKE BOMB!!!” Hey! Here comes Godzilla! Wow! This sushi is FABULOUS! Look! Our host is dancing on the bar! What IS this place??!!

Everything you’ve imagined Las Vegas to be can be found in its newest and surefire hotspot.Sake Rok, Sure, you’ll find sushi and private label sake here, but Sake Rok is so much more than a simple dining concept. The eatery transforms a basic evening out into an absolute spectacle. You’ll find entertainers doubling as waiters, impromptu flash mob-style dance routines, restaurant-wide sake bombs, dance parties and lip-sync serenades. Just try to leave without a smile on your face—we dare you.

Heading the All-Star team at Sake Rok is Executive chef, Bobby Silva.


California-born and Las Vegas raised, Chef Bobby Silva has been a part of Las Vegas’ flourishing food and beverage scene for more than 17 years.

Throughout his years in the kitchen, Silva has worked with some of the best in the business and at leading restaurants across the Vegas Valley. Launching his career as a sous chef at Downtown Las Vegas’ beloved Triple George Grill, Silva quickly learned the ropes and found his way to the Las Vegas Strip to join Rick Moonen at RM Seafood. After honing his seafood skills, he joined the Sushi Samba team as Executive Sous Chef, during which he appeared on Season 5 of Top Chef Masters with Sushi Samba’s then Executive Chef Herb Wilson.

After a stint as Corporate Executive Sous Chef for MinaGroup, Silva returned to the Samba family as Lead Culinary Trainer for Samba Brands Management.

Now Silva leads the charge as Executive Chef of the Las Vegas Strip’s newest hot spot, Sake Rok at The Park. Sake Rok will offer guests a social dining experience with fresh and innovative Japanese and Japanese-American dishes.

The menu is 50% drinks and 50% food.


The drink menu features cocktails such as. “Asking For Trouble,” “Honey Bunny” and “Whiskey On The Rock.”

Shots include, “Oh My Geisha,” One Night Fling” and “SamuRYE”

You can also order Punch Bowls, Beer, Sake and Wine.

I’m big on ambiance, art, architecture and decor and the place is beautifully designed! Every inch of that place looked like it was hand picked with incredible detail. To the signs, to the beautiful art on the brick walls which I was told was painted by a local graffiti artist. Even down to the napkins folded into shirts! OMG the white leather (hopefully pleather ) crocodile design looking seats are very cool looking and comfortable too!

From the minute you walk in, you feel like you’ve wandered into a post apocalyptic cirque du soleil set. There’s a guy that’s a cross between Chris Angel and someone from the Rocky Horror Picture Show running around the place almost at the speed of light. I am stating this up front: Dinner at Sake Rock is an adventure, and NOT for the entitled shallow-hearted.

Ginormous cartoon-sized menus, boy band sing-a-longs, interactive diner participation complete with spankings, dancing waitresses (and they were GOOD dancers) and wonderful singers.

We arrived for dinner at around 8:30 p.m. We were greeted by two very nice hostesses and escorted to a table in the center of the dinning area.

Our server was Mike. He was very upbeat as is EVERYONE at Sake Rok. It’s impossible not to get engrossed with the vibe this restaurant puts out.

Mikes knowledge of the menu was amazing. He knw everything and MORE. He worked patiently with me due to a few food alergies. He even had the chefs alter some of the ingredients in some of the selections I could not have inorder for me to be able to eat them.

Most of the food is meant to be sharred and that’s what we did.

We started with Edamame -Soybeans, Seasalt and Lime.
The also is a Edamame Rok version that includes Asian garlic butter and chili.


Dorene recently introduced me to Edamame and there were the best I have had.

Next was Cucumber Sunomono: Wakame, Ginger, Ponzu and Seasame Seed.


Very tasty appetizer.

Up next was Japanese Fried Chicken (Karaage)This included both meat ans skin portions..very good.


We had sides of Coconut Rice (no picture) and Charred Asparagus with preserved lemon and sea salt.


The presentation of the asparagus was simply beautiful.

To our surprise, Chef Boby Silva came over to out table to say hello. He brought with him a beautiful
plate of thin sliced Japanese Wagu beef along with a hot pot for cooking. He personally show us how to properly cook it.


This was a lot of fun and really elevated our dining experience.

Completing this amazing meal was Japanese Ice Cream(MOCHI) in assorted flavors.


There’s nothing that we didn’t like about this place.

This place is AMAZING. Good vibes are everywhere and the food is amazing. There was never a dull moment while dining here.

One note: Bathrooms are Unisex..after a couple of Saki Bombs, you won’t care.

Monday-Thursday: 12:00pm to 10:00pm
Friday: 12:00pm to 10:30pm
Saturday: 11:00am to 10:30pm
Sunday: 11:00am to 10:00pm